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  • Topic 2


    Essential Standard: The student will be able to communicate effectively through independent writing

    • Learning Goal 1: The student will use genereated ideas to develop a central theme or original storyline.

    • Learning Goal 2: The student will use precise and vivid language

    • Learning Goal 3: The student will edit and revise their writing for the standards use of conventions, grammar, and sentence fluency.

    • Learning Goal 4: The student will utilize appropriate organization based on writing purpose and intended audience.

    • Learning Goal 5: The student will conduct and use research

  • Topic 3


    Essential Standard: Students will read effectively

    Learning Goal 6: The student will use active reading strategies to aid in comprehension

    Learning Goal 7: The student will read grade-level texts fluently.

    Learning Goal 8: The student will choose books at their reading level.

    Learning Goal 9: The student will analyze a text and apply story elements in fictional texts.

    Learning Goal 10: The student will evaluate literary devices in fictional texts.

    Learning Goal 11: The student will analyuze the author's attitude and purpose within a text.

    Learning Goal 12: The student will analyze text structure in nonfiction


  • Topic 4


    Essential Standard: Students will demonstrate effective speaking and listening skills.

    Learning Goal 13: Students will be able to participate in informal/formal discussions regarding reading and writing.

    Learning Goal 14: Students will be able to present information to a given audience on a specific topic.

    • Topic 5

      Literary Terms

    • Topic 7